Benefits Of Mutual Funds

Benefits Of Mutual Funds Mutual funds are a type of investment scheme. It pools money from different people and invests them in bonds or stocks. By investing through mutual funds, you are given ownership of a portion in the asset. The funds are managed by the assets management companies. By investing in mutual bonds, you […]

Hypotension in Seniors: Treatment Options

Hypotension in Seniors: Treatment Options It is well known that the main cure for low blood pressure in the elderly is a combination of a healthy lifestyle with good rest and the use of right medications. Additional therapy may be caffeine or caffeine-containing drugs – algon, acepar, pentalgin-H, perdolan, citramon, citrapar, etc. Also, the use […]

Hip Fracture in the Elderly

Hip Fracture in the Elderly Consequences of Hip Fracture in Seniors: About 30% of people over 65 within a year after receiving an injury have the risk of death from its consequences. The main reason is complications during prolonged immobilization, such as: Congestive pneumonia, which leads to the absence of a full respiratory process; Soft […]