How to Protect Yourself from Fraudsters if You’re a Senior Citizen?

How to Protect Yourself from Fraudsters if You’re a Senior Citizen?

In order to protect themselves outside the home, older people should follow these tips:

Travel groups

Even if there is a very urgent matter, ask someone to accompany you. For a long walk or a trip, go with friends, or familiar people. Be careful not to be distracted. To avoid becoming a victim of thieves or fraudsters, focus on your route and final destination. Watch out for things. Often the elderly are the victims of fraudsters.

Always carry a mobile phone with you

Nowadays, smartphones have become an indispensable assistant of the elderly. If you feel unwell or an emergency situation arises, you can always contact relatives, friends, and special city services. Older people sometimes find it difficult to understand modern technology. Hence, it’s crucial to make a memo with emergency phone numbers.

Always notify your relatives and friends about your place of stay

If you are going to leave home for business, inform someone of your family about your intentions. Mark the time when you plan to return. This person should take care if you are not at the appointed hour and call you back to make sure everything is in order.

Avoid dangerous areas and dark streets

Keep clear of poorly lit streets, remote urban areas, wastelands. Carefully walk along the sidewalks and pedestrian alleys that are in the shade of bushes or trees. Potential robbers can hide in such places. Older people are often victims of such crimes.

Do not risk money or valuables

Remember that your life is priceless. If a robber attacks you, submit to his requirements, give everything you have. Do not show your courage. It is better to lose a wallet than health or life.

Do not carry large sums of money with you, do not store credit cards with a PIN code

Write a statement about the transfer of pensions to your bank account. Do not store at home, do not carry large sums of money in your wallet. Do not put a note with a pin code with a plastic card. Contact the institution to pay for any receipt, inquiries or subsidies in advance. In a hurry, older people often make mistakes, lose documents and money.

Be careful in public transport

Try not to get in an empty bus, tram, train wagon. If you have no other choice, then sit next to the door, closer to the driver or conductor. Moving around the city in public transport, do not allow your things to go out of sight. Do not pay in large banknotes.

Do not disclose your personal data

Often older people are telephoned by representatives of various firms. They offer to buy medicines, get a free ticket to a sanatorium and undergo a medical examination. Sometimes from strangers, people receive requests for financial assistance: the son had an accident, the grandson was taken to the police, and so on. For seniors in the US, we highly suggest you check out 2020 Medicare supplement plans which can assist you in covering additional costs that are not a part of Basic Medicare program.