Hypotension in Seniors: Treatment Options

Hypotension in Seniors: Treatment Options

It is well known that the main cure for low blood pressure in the elderly is a combination of a healthy lifestyle with good rest and the use of right medications. Additional therapy may be caffeine or caffeine-containing drugs – algon, acepar, pentalgin-H, perdolan, citramon, citrapar, etc. Also, the use of adaptogens – plant substances that have a general tonic effect – tincture of ginseng, Eleutherococcus, echinacea, pancreatic, pancreatic, echinacea, pancreatic, and tonic, also gives good results.

It is also possible to fight the disease through physiotherapy. These include therapeutic massage, sauna, various types of electrotherapy (electric, darsonvalization, galvanic collar), as well as hydrotherapy (circular and contrast shower, baths, etc.).

Nontraditional Hypotension Treatments:

The most effective means to reduce blood pressure in the elderly include light physical activities such as walking, swimming, etc.

Rest is another important part for treating older people with low blood pressure because prolonged sleep (at least 10–12 hours) for them is a protective reaction of the body.

To eliminate morning sickness, elderly patients with hypotension should:

sleep the required number of hours;

do not get out of bed with a sharp movement;

practice a douche;

never skip breakfast;

spend as much time as possible in the open air (but not in the heat).

Older people suffering from low blood pressure can also benefit from the intake of coffee and tea, which can act as a natural tonic.

For the prevention and treatment of low blood pressure, it is useful to use proteins, vitamins of groups B and C. Therefore, elderly people suffering from hypotension should regularly eat foods that increase blood pressure: liver, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc.

It is also advised to include nuts, cheese, sorrel, carrots, stimulating seasonings and spices (cloves, mustard, horseradish root, black and red peppers, raw onions) in the diet of elderly patients with hypotension. All of the above products contribute to an increase in blood pressure.

Herbs that help in combating hypotension in seniors:

Extract of wormwood, thistle and chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaves, angelica rhizomes, and rosehips.

Wormwood, immortelle flowers, lemongrass, viburnum leaves, aralia roots, and valerian rhizomes.

Rosehips, viburnum shoots, tansy seeds, peppermint leaves, oat straw, celandine grass, and hawthorn flowers.

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